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External Torpidity

‘An all pervasive sense of intolerable torpidity hangs heavy in the air.’ ‘The torpidity of this sick animated humaness is a figuration of the total energic flow of this world-body in which life-and-death are its metabolic (anabolic and katabolic) currents.’ ‘I know I'm handsome, but that is no reason for you to stand there in torpidity.’.

An Early Reference to Torpidity in a Tropical Swift.-Torpidity in birds has been of great interest for centuries, but authentic accounts of this phenomenon are rare and are confined to only a few species. McAtee (Amer. Midl. Nat., 38, ) gave a virtually complete list of.

of experiments on torpidity in the Poor-will (Phalaenoptdus nuttallii) and reviewed the information on torpidity in birds published since the extensive compilation of McAtee (). In November, , we acquired another live Poor-will and were able to corro- borate and extend the results obtained from the captive bird previously studied by us.

In children, this moroseness is private individuals, who have passed through easy to be observed, being denoted by ges- all the stages, from the first short cough to tures showing disinclination to be amused; the extreme of emaciation, and at length to while in their seniors it occasionally bursts forth in explosions of temper, without any adequate external cause. Torpidity of digestion is, however, a still more .

If you know synonyms for Torpidity, then you can share it or put your rating in listed similar words. Suggest synonym. Torpidity Thesaurus. Definitions of Torpidity. Torpidity Antonyms. Nearby Words. torpid, torpidly, torpor. Share this Page. External Links. Other usefull sources with synonyms of this word:

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  1. Torpidity goes down over time, and consuming Stimberries or Stimulant will decrease Torpidity faster. The attacks that increase Torpidity can be sorted into two main categories. Short-Acting attacks (such as those from Slingshot, Electric Prod and Pachy) increase Torpidity immediately, while Extended Effect attacks (such as those from Pulmonoscorpius, Titanoboa and Beelzebufo) increase torpidity over time.

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